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About us

At the heart of a sophisticated campaign lies our modest objective: win a consumer's heart and settle in the mind for long. Established way back in 1992, with a fire in the belly, EyeCatch stands tall today as a full-fledged branding and advertising service, blending strategy, design, copy, advertising and research into creative brand consultancy. EyeCatch bears a world view: Brand communication that touches the heart of the matter goes the farthest, while in contemporary times the target audience doesn't want to be talked to, they want to be listened to. 

Hence, our humble approach is candid: Make every consumer acquisition count and sing for your brand. Over three decades now, EyeCatch is a creatively driven integrated marketing communications group with a strong entrepreneurial heritage and challenger mentality, fetching our clients’ brands an unfair share of attention! 

With presence in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, EyeCatch is the leading and most admired advertising agency of the region that provides potent 360 degrees communication solutions, working with some of the best companies and brands of the southern region.


The thirsty crew at EyeCatch: Branding, Advertising and Digital agency, has the seventh sense to think and create relevant campaigns beyond the obvious. Something supernatural for brands. To empower brands and deliver considerable brand growth. In a media-fragmented world, our team will not complicate your communication. They’ll chop off the flab, save your time and money, and deliver your message in a kick-ass way.

We have a lead team that is more like mentors. We learn, and unlearn. We demolish barriers: age or gender-related and stay rooted to the ground. Some of them dislike growing up, and you may find the kid that keeps lurking in each one of us. LOL.

Candidly, if you are a brand-serious organization out there, chances of regretting having us with you will abate. The team will always cut the clutter and bring heart-warming creativity to the table for every brand.