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It’s all about the first impressions. It’s about dressing the brand or product for a short shelf-life. It’s about writing the dialogues between the product and the buyer, because packaging acts as an information zone for the product. Packaging should begin the talking and the design is the first thing customers interact with both in store and online.

A well-informed packaging design could offer customers the full story in an aesthetic pattern, and could build profound brand credibility. Packaging content procedure actually shields the customer from any discontents, and help feel safe to procure the product when EyeCatch keeps a keen eye on placing the key information viz. price ingredients, instructions, warnings, government regulatory information, et al in an uncluttered manner. This implies that the manufacturer or the marketer is entirely transparent, and is pleased to present the product’s benefits.

EyeCatch simply nails the use of packaging, and endeavors to offer great unboxing experience.

Remember, an integral slice of the advertising aspect of packaging is providing customers with answers to questions they might have, which could be the brand’s USPs. That’s why EyeCatch is always inclined to use witty copy weaved with a spectacular design for every packaging style; while the cheerful design accentuates how creative the brand is.

Next, packaging advertises what the brand is about, and hence, excellent packaging arrives down to the details, as well. This leading branding-advertising agency inclines to play with several features: product, material, colour, design, and finishes to develop great packaging styles and thus, offer great shopping experience for the end-user. However, the characteristics utilized here, empowers EyeCatch to create packaging art that would speak out loud when it comes to branding exercises viz. brand recognition, brand preference and build loyal customers.

Finally, a bona fide packaging design would impede the ones that masquerade as original, or a smart packaging design would easily help customers to recognize the inferior imitators that seep in the market scenario striving to capture a shelf-life.

So, EyeCatch has foot soldiers on board to give packaging a creative forte to build the brand essence and leave the first impressions unto the gods: the customers.


jaycot by eyecatch
str for u logo by eyeatch
mithai potlam logo by eyecatch
Future Organics logo