Behold, the Branding Architecture!

In a bid to mesmerize the spaces for branding architecture, we fortify brand promise, emerge with compelling retail ambience and deliver best architectural solutions. We create inspiring stories for store environment that reverberate with relevant target audiences.

EyeCatch is avid about retail: from branding, store design and architecture, to unfold meaningful implementation. We concede each project as a great opportunity to tell a great story, influence behavior and ultimately empower customers to become brand loyalists.

Comprehending pertinent business objectives, marketing platform and brand positioning, we intend to develop a compelling brand narration, within the retail environment. We gather, filter and explore all classes of data that yield critical insight and inform shopper-centric approach to interior designs.


Strategizing for that Zing!

Our store design strategy is grounded in finding the right balance between the brand image and the shopper experience. In betwixt, the brand attributes and objectives operate in unison to create a competitive edge for the retail store project that not only performs, but motivates.

We know that the store environment is the ultimate immersive epithet of the brand and thus, it requires to deliver a strong connection with customers. Our collaborative environmental design approach takes buyers on a brand journey that is visually captivating while underlining the brand promise.


Inspiring Story-Tellers!

We create environments that inspire, ease the results and deliver dimension to the set goals. Our architecture professionals mastermind each aspect of your space or facility for optimum impact to mobilize products, sell services and support varied brand images.

We develop brand experiences by working with clients in a collaborative way where we explore new ideas, let our curiosity roll and experiment with colors, textures and materials that tell apt stories and carry on, what is strategically and operationally rooted.


A Decade of Dynamism!

Over the last ten exciting years, EyeCatch has cultivated longstanding relationships with some of the most reputable retailers in the industry, providing exceptional service, innovative design and creative solutions. We are dedicated to providing an architectural integrated solution-based process. The next big happening could be: your store experience.

With the passage of time, our exclusive interiors journey has taught us that the key to success for any project is the regular diligent management of critical tasks that stay on track for the well-defined target audience.

We coordinate all project development through contractor or vendor communication, site observations and the generation of in-house best practice documentation to monitor progress. The varied background of our team brings all the disciplines together from design, architecture, marketing, and advertising, and visual merchandising, retail operations to help morph brand vision to an exceptional store experience.


Process to make it precious!

Incessant brand communication is the key to brand recognition and equity building. Our practical rollout process takes the consistent store design or interior design into account, while we continuously test, refine and communicate changes.

Our architecture, design and project management teams are staffed with professionals who have the core expertise to help you integrate sustainable solutions. Always.

Our process is built on teamwork and getting to know our client’s business. We use a well-paced approach to bring a store from a brand positioning to a relevant retail experience.

We: Listen to you | Chalk out a Design Strategy | Give birth to an idea | Shaping the Concept | Analyze | Raise the Curtain

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